Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Sri Lanka tour and some more pics

Our Sri Lanka tour and other pictures associated with it. In this Corona season of lockdown,being lazy at home,all of a sudden, thought of my clicked photos at the couple of places at Sri Lanka. They could be interesting to some of the blog readers. In view of it, I placed random pics here.Hope you get enthusiastic about these ones.

Nearby Anuradha Pura, Budhistic Stupas and and other historical sites were aplenty.
A Road leading to the sites of Historical sites.

An Auto was heading to its destination.Just impulsive to have a click.

A lake with flowers and weeds.

Way to Biksu University of Sri Lanka. Dedicated to the higher education of Budhist Monks.

Hotel lounge,where we have stayed.

Yours sincerely @ wayside.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Ramoji Film City : A Marvel on the earth

Last month I was at Ramoji Film City,Hyderabad to attend the parents' meeting. Coming to the details,my daughter was a trainee content editor in the prestigious Eenadu group. So that having an opportunity to be there in the part of its establishment. Already RFC needs no introduction since its popularity as world's biggest film city is widely known. Bollywood,Tollywood and Kollywood films are being shot here and of course a most sought after getaway for all ages. Really it's a wonderful creation with all kinds of facilities. One should come and see the marvel on the earth. Here I am presenting you some pics for you all. Will come with  more pics in my future blogposts.

Bahubali setting location
At Bahubali setting location
With my daughter Sucharitha
Bahubali setting location
Bahubali setting location
A View of buildings

Monday, August 26, 2019

Sri Lanka Visit : Some More Pics

These pics given here are clicked during my Sri Lanka tour. Roadside trees were dense in nature. Clean ambiance observed almost everywhere. These are outskirts of Colombo. We have taken some pics when stopped by a small hotel to have our breakfast.

Murugan koil or temple was just by the hotel. Many statues were noticed. Hanuman was the most popular Icon here,in almost every temple,there was one statue of himself.

A Beautiful view on the road.

A Small hotel where we have stopped.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

An idyllic landscape of Srilanka

An idyllic landscape at Nugarawaliya of Srilanka. This was exactly in front of a hotel, vehicles of visitors stopped there while having food. Around the place, there were tea factories. Clouds capping the mountains were common phenomena all day. Hope you enjoy the beauty of nature. Have a nice day.

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Sunday, June 30, 2019

To explore the less known

It's all about an exotic trip with Sri Samir Ranjan Das and his family. A week days back got an unexpected call from him that they were heading for Lord Rama's darshan at Bhadrachalam and also stepping into Konta of Chattisgarh. And of course to enter the last point of Odisha's Motu by crossing the river Sabari. Altogether 65 k.m. journey by car.

He asked me whether I was free to join him. Travel Freak in me urged me to have obliged to be part of it. I should say a few words about Sri Samir Ranjan Das. He is the senior manager with Indian Overseas Bank and a die-hard fan of Stalwart bilingual writer Sri Manoj Das. He has been running a Facebook page along with a website devoted to the writings and talks of Sri Manoj Das, hailed from Cuttuck of Odisha.

Well, it's been a bliss having around the people of that sort. We were all the way to Konta after Darsanam at the pilgrim place. We had a couple of fruit juice to beat the heat. With long lasted interaction on literature, social issues, and other things our journey through the lush green covered road made us soothing. We entered Andhra's Chinturu and had sumptuous meals. Though the hotel looked gloomy, all the food items were up to the mark.

Got back to Chatti to enter the Chattisgarh by taking up the bypass road. It was all soothing climate with the cool breeze as the state has been blessed with plenty of greenery. Konta looked anew this time. Roads were widened and the new constructions surfaced. At last, we reached the banks of the Sabari river after having some rounds in the town. Here people speak three languages i.e., Hindi, Telugu, and Odia.

Samir ji and his wife along with the daughter crossed the Sabari river by the boat. They have had some photographs at the place of Motu, the last point of Odisha state. Just the river divides two states at this point. And one more thing a stream called Talcher flows by the bank edge of that side with having a hillock amidst merges with Sabari turned into Chinna Godavari. It seemed the exodus of boat travelers never to be ceased.

Having a boat journey is always exciting. The scene of people keep waiting for the boat from the other shore is watch-worthy. With the anxiety to the board and to alight. A woman was charging to collect the money from people both for arrival and departure. The ambiance of the river was delightful with bushes, red soil mounds, and trees. Sleepy but lovely. Rain poured its spell for a while. I got to high land and the bird's eye view of the boat moving was mesmerizing. I clicked some pics, surely some of the best I have ever seen.


Sunday, June 23, 2019

My Printed Book For You Here

The Eleven stories here in this book are written by me. Almost every story gives the reader some kind of freshness. Why...because all these are based on my personal experiences with a touch of judicious imagination. Themes varied to local history to paranormal and school days to suave younger days and so on.

If you wish to have the book, please send Rs.100/- to my PAYTM  (Phone no: +91 78935 41003). Also, send your full postal address with pin code along with the screenshot of your payment details to my WhatsApp number, of course, the same PAYTM number mentioned above.

I will rush your order by POST/COURIERS. That's your choice. Postage FREE. Trust me I don't want to make big money through this merchandise. Just my crazy thoughts about various things to be spread out to the possible far and wide, that's what I wish for.


Murthy Kvvs  

Monday, June 10, 2019

My Sri Lanka Trip and some other Pics

Sri Lanka offers many aspects of beautiful landscapes. Last time I have written and posted some pics but here I would like to present more of it. The garden seeing in the pic was situated in the premises of an institute at Bandara gama where I attended a program.

In the second pic, a typical Si Lankan house.

Bhakta Anjaneya temple built by Chinmaya Mission at Nuwara Eliya.

Stopping by a hotel for lunch.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Autumn Shadows by Tomichan Matheikal

I am venturing to review a book (Kindle edition) written by Tomichan Matheikal ji and Am pretty sure which can't be a profound one in any respect. He is a well-known blogger among the fraternity with his stirring writing caliber and many readers are aware of his regular presence over the years. The book carried memoirs of the writer. In nutshell, an autobiography. The days right from a village in Kerala to Shillong to Delhi gave him myriad hues of life experiences.

Reading on Kindle, was not my cup of tea for some reason and enquired Tomichan ji if there was any possibility for having a PDF version. Unfortunately not, so I assumed reading slowly and it had gripped me tight unto its last like a wonderful tale. This is the book I have read on kindle in these days and rejoiced about the uninhibited way of telling his own ups and downs of life, not only that, he unfolded the games played by the people who wanted to control his life.

The writer divided the whole story into 22 chapters and each has a meaningful heading. Sisyphus is the first chapter wherein he disclosed about his place, orthodox parents and how he philosophically related to Sisyphus. How a seminary life in a Catholic priesthood plays a vital role was a long story to read in this and the process was very strict in nature. He also explained the dark side of it as he underwent the same at the beginning of life. Offertory Chicken was the sarcastic heading for the chapter.

In search of green pastures, he set out to Shillong and progressed to an English lecturer. His life became tormented by the manipulators and they succeeded to get him out of the state. Then he started his life anew in Delhi from the premises of Sawan school. His Shillong days revealed many interesting things about the North East and their skepticism towards others. His description regarding the woes he underwent at both places is an unforgettable saga that would move any heart.

The book can be said as a psychological thriller. The writer had gone through the depths of the people and in return, he received blows from society. The best part is to accept his weaknesses at the places. He held his wife Maggie at the highest esteem for her support in thick and thin. Intro was written by Dr.Jose D.Maliekal would help the reader a lot in understanding the fabric of the Catholic organization and its spirit.---- Murthy KVVS

Please click here for kindle edition:

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

This is also a Love story, I think.

Sometimes things taught you well before in advance.By seeing or hearing of others' lives intently, you would be vigilant about the same shouldn't creep in to your own life.As usual, the melancholic sight that pumps the real lethal blow to memorize the lesson.How should I tell you all as it does belong to a human being and of whom I got a little acquaintance, of course with a distance to maintain?I should better not be sophomoric or oral acrobatic.There are limits.And let me pass on with what I have in me.

That was about some two and half a decade's back, I was used to visit our local temple once or twice a week.Now stopped going to any temples, please don't ask me the reasons.It's rather a big story and it would encompasses all this piece of work.One of our college mates had also frequented the holy place.After having obeisances, we got into a chat, about various issues of what had taken place in our college.By the way, She was a well trained singer and had a good fandom.She told me once that which always got down her having the first prize whenever she participated.It made me chuckled since it's the dream of everybody.Lots of days, lots of talks.Days went by and suddenly her presence was not there.I couldn't figure out any reason, for our talks only based on time tested discreet and decency.

Quite unexpectedly, at a different town after so many years, we encountered in a meeting where she must have been called for her rendition.Our eyes met and I was expecting a surprise wish but to my astonishment, she had quit the dais and vanished as swift as she could.What made her to do so, I was sure of her awareness about my presence.And in no way, I harmed her.A lot of quizzical exercise in my brain.First time I approved the overheard saying that "oh...These women are not to be understood, their ways and means."And at the same time, my conscience kept warning me that there was something wrong with your intention.She had her own life to lead with her own problems.I postponed my judgement.Of all, who am I to do it?

However, I had observed some sadness or being dejected in her face.I trust my instincts over many important situations of life whether it's me or others.I could grasp the woes of an average woman of our society.What sort of tribulations and trauma she was to go through was beyond the imagination, sometimes.Being a child in those dark days of my life phase,I know how shattered relations in a family would pierce the spirit of hope and happiness.And it squeezes marrow of the life.After all these years, I understand that nothing is deserved cursing since every dark and light side has its own influence on the life.Sometimes the suffering brings the best out of our life.Here, I should thank my Grand father, for he had introduced me for a great place in my life.That's library.Life has a symbolic connection with every happening.Through that I plunged into the world of travelling and which never seized to leave me.

Well, anxious about the lady? Yes, all of a sudden another encounter happened in some program where we had a talk on presenting my book.She now seemed good and talked enthusiastically.Felt relieved.I never insisted the past to come up with.Onset of light makes everything bright.She phoned me one day and explained how her life had taken cruel twists with the first marriage.And the mental trauma she underwent thereof. I sighed at it as I already thought of something alarm she met with.Above all, she asked me to meet her present husband to feel how great he was in every aspect.Her account made me joyful.As she had got her highest position in education and employment, I Congratulated her.

Education and employment, they would play a crucial role in today's woman's life. That I understand through two lives I come across and when my friends or relatives poking the issue of my daughter's marriage,I always shot back with my stubborn reply as it should be first education and employment.You could ask me, don't they have problems? Yes, there will always be.But they are negotiable and prone to overcome.

* * * *
"It looks great.Why don't you improve it into a good story" One of my blogger friends asked me.In fact, the above write-up has been submitted by me as a piece of article in response of Indeblogger competition.I too have such feel inside me.In fact, I planned it to be precise in every aspect because I was thought of it for the particular format.What's up?

Yes, WhatsApp came to my rescue.I sent the article to her by WhatsApp to elicit her response.Be it positive or negative, come what may, no problem,because there was no name mentioned in it and at the same time one could feel the story.See how things take one into their grip to connive to achieve their ending. 

Surprised to have reply at once.Here are our WhatsApp messages.

"'s my story. Nice to here more of it."Her message.

" Well... thank you.And which applies to all universal success stories" My message.

"All those innocent days seemed to have come back through your words"

"True.In one sense you're correct " 

" I don't understand what you want to tell me,no offence please." 

"Frankly speaking, I have penned it for a competition" 

"Perfect.Reality always has its own charm.I understand it now." 

"Admitted. And do you know how did fascinating stories always come to surface to lilt the human's heart? " 

"Shed me some light" 

"It should always have come from their own experiences.Of what they see, feel and mix. " 

"A judicious mix of fiction is also necessary,hope you understand what I mean" 

"That's true. And a writer's responsibility too" 

That's how our messages concluded.I wish I was there in the temple at the moment, at our's not possible with me now.Because I stopped going there for many reasons.One of them is my conviction grew into non-Idol worship. (the End)


Saturday, April 13, 2019

An overview of Teaching Profession

Teachers play a crucial role in one's life.That's true.I am not saying it, seeing them in an altruistic mirror.A practical approach, I would like to adopt to showcase the two sides of the coin.Not imbued with raw emotion either.First, we should admit that a teacher is also a part and parcel of our society and he can not be expected with the qualities of divine nature.Yet, a true teacher has some unique features in his character, that I would say from my academic life.There were some teachers who would never seize to influence me even at this moment.They are constant inspiring posts all along the life.They are certainly not time conscious, calculating or intimidating.They loved teaching their subject and if someone kept spotted in their class with the same dedication in learning, that makes them immense happy to take them under their wings.

Teaching is now turned a thriving profession.Maybe true with government sector but in private establishment a pathetic condition to describe.Always he has to be at the disposal of management whims.Conditions never deter a passionate teacher.He continues to inspire in all kinds of situations.Because that's his true nature.One should not enter into teaching the profession without having the flair for teaching.That mars the quality of education.And that's what happening in our country, unfortunately. Some people take a misconception in distinguishing a "Guru" for the teacher.The teacher is evanescent as anything does, and he is a facilitator but Guru is not like that.He is a bit rebellion, soliciting all odds and woes to be a real teacher.

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