Sunday, March 7, 2021

LIFE LINE, a debut novel from Chetan Maheshwari

I am happy to announce that I have started a Youtube Channel a few days back. it's sole objective is to review the books which I have read. would rather be said my opinion or take on them. Right. It encompasses both English and Telugu versions. For the first time, for English version, I have taken up the debut novel of Chetan Maheshwari ji. Please watch it and subscribe for my future videos. Blogger friends, if you want me to review your books, send them to me. No e-books please. For more details :

Thursday, December 10, 2020

LIFELINE- a novella by Chetan Maheshwari


This is a new age novella written by Chetan Maheshwari. A mechanical engineer by profession and a writer by passion. This is all about a start-up firm. At the same time, this is more than that and you could ask me how it was different from the rest of all. Yes, in many ways. Plot was woven around corporate office politics, ambitious battle for success and human relations. The way he portrayed characters with balance indicated his craftmanship. 

 Well, Akhil was working in Newark Consultancy, an automobile company in Pune. An young and energetic engineer with workaholic nature. His immediate boss Raghav who turned egoistic caused the resignation of Akhil as the latter was novice of in-house battle. Teesha , an ambitious marketing executive and independent girl was, once, his school mate and she was also a victim of dirty games of her superior at the office. They became good friends and eventually lovers.

Rati, a single mother with a myriad hopes of her skill in app making. She was Akhil's sister and they have been leading their lives well  though their parents were dead in their childhood. Rati was anxious about her son's future. These three people had to start their own firm for their livelihood. For their success, they struggled a lot  and they had been taught many good lessons in their journey of business.

Reader would get immersed in the story. Because it's a story of present age problems and struggle to succeed. All the circumstances writer portrayed were nearer to factual and existential situation. App making details and its intricacies described very well. And working ambiance at corporate offices made reader enthusiastic. And at the same time , importance of human relations and emotions portrayed in an interesting way. Chetan Maheshwari maintained the magical precision of suspense, thrilling and corporate in-things all through the novella, it's his neck of woods as he worked for several automobile companies, no boring at all. He can be a promising writer in future, with a little more effort.

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----Reviewed by Murthy Kvvs

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Trincomalee Beach and Some pictures

Trincomale beach (Sri Lanka) , Fort of Frederick is also seen among the trees

Part of the town and beach

Rock wall in front of the beach

Boats at rest

Sky and Water- a never ending romance

Beach road

Yours Sincerely

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Sri Lanka tour and some more pics

I have already written about my Sri Lanka tour in my previous posts but there were plenty of pictures that I have taken there remained with me unpublished.  So I am all out now with some of them to share here.  

A Budhist pagoda under renovation work at Anuradha Pura.

A miniature elephant statue at our hotel.

A scenic beauty in front of Heritage hotel,around Anuradha Pura outskirts.

On the way to Nugara walia.

Heritage hotel one of the finest hotels.

Your blogger

Colombo-a street with its bustle

Cloudy sky 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Sri Lanka tour and some more pics

Our Sri Lanka tour and other pictures associated with it. In this Corona season of lockdown,being lazy at home,all of a sudden, thought of my clicked photos at the couple of places at Sri Lanka. They could be interesting to some of the blog readers. In view of it, I placed random pics here.Hope you get enthusiastic about these ones.

Nearby Anuradha Pura, Budhistic Stupas and and other historical sites were aplenty.
A Road leading to the sites of Historical sites.

An Auto was heading to its destination.Just impulsive to have a click.

A lake with flowers and weeds.

Way to Biksu University of Sri Lanka. Dedicated to the higher education of Budhist Monks.

Hotel lounge,where we have stayed.

Yours sincerely @ wayside.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Ramoji Film City : A Marvel on the earth

Last month I was at Ramoji Film City,Hyderabad to attend the parents' meeting. Coming to the details,my daughter was a trainee content editor in the prestigious Eenadu group. So that having an opportunity to be there in the part of its establishment. Already RFC needs no introduction since its popularity as world's biggest film city is widely known. Bollywood,Tollywood and Kollywood films are being shot here and of course a most sought after getaway for all ages. Really it's a wonderful creation with all kinds of facilities. One should come and see the marvel on the earth. Here I am presenting you some pics for you all. Will come with  more pics in my future blogposts.

Bahubali setting location
At Bahubali setting location
With my daughter Sucharitha
Bahubali setting location
Bahubali setting location
A View of buildings

Monday, August 26, 2019

Sri Lanka Visit : Some More Pics

These pics given here are clicked during my Sri Lanka tour. Roadside trees were dense in nature. Clean ambiance observed almost everywhere. These are outskirts of Colombo. We have taken some pics when stopped by a small hotel to have our breakfast.

Murugan koil or temple was just by the hotel. Many statues were noticed. Hanuman was the most popular Icon here,in almost every temple,there was one statue of himself.

A Beautiful view on the road.

A Small hotel where we have stopped.

LIFE LINE, a debut novel from Chetan Maheshwari

I am happy to announce that I have started a Youtube Channel a few days back. it's sole objective is to review the books which I have re...