Monday, April 21, 2014

Camel and some interesting facts

Camel is almost not seen in South India. So In my childhood, we always got intrigued with the sight of the queer animal whenever they were seen with herd breeding nomad people.They were having typical dresses with embroidery work and short looking shirts.Literally It was an visual feast for us. The picture here was taken by me when I was in North India tour.Though the camel looked unusual by its features,I understand it  was an animal of hard work and patience.

There are many things to say about it's uniqueness.I will cite some of them which appeals me most.Camels ears are small but their sense of hearing is very strong.They can kick in all directions with its four legs.Camels can be endured without water for two months.They drink 40 gallons water at a time.


  1. It"s a curious and rare animal to south India. But a symbol of Rajasthan. Beautiful photo.

  2. Thanks for being here the way I have lost my mobile phone recently...!


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