Sunday, July 12, 2015

The God Father and My Telugu Translation

(Cover page of the book)

Today ,there is a review appeared on my Telugu translation of Mario Puzo's The God Father, in the sunday special issue of Andhra Jyoti (Telugu daily).I want to share it with my blogger friends.The God Father authored by Mario Puzo needs no special introduction.I doubt whether there was any fiction liked and inspired by all segments of people like this legend novel. Simply one could say it was a saga of Corleons family.Outwardly it looked like a gangster's world of wars in the city of Newyork in 40's.But the novel stood so robust till now with pumping inspiration to many writers and film makers as well.Where that power lied in..?

(Review in the telugu daily of Andhra Jyoti,sunday special)

There were many sub-plots in the novel,in fact.All the characters were filled with flesh and blood.Emotion,sentiment,friendship,animal rage and what not every trivial detail evokes the feel of fulfillment.In my opinion,even Puzo himself failed to replicate another " The God Father",even though he had penned The last don,Fools die and so on in the line.

More to my surprise ,the sicilian life depicted in the novel almost nearer to our indigenous way of living with catholic traditions. Sonny,Michael,Fredo and Connie, the siblings of  The Don Corleone had their own part to spice up the story.Luca Brasi was another powerful character whom I like most for his loyalty towards The Don.Remaining five rival families along with Albert Neri and Tom Hagen were sure to be haunting once we read it.I feel my life is fulfilled with this translation in 240 pages and which got appreciations from all quarters of the people of letters from Telugu contemporary literature. Pages:240   Price:Rs.150/-  Available in all leading book shops or contact me.


  1. I loved all the movies but never read the actual book. I simply MUST put that on my list of "musts." Thanks for the nudge!

    abcw team

  2. Hello Mr. Murthy

    I wanted to know if you translated all the parts. I am huge fan of this book and want to but one for my mother. If the book is not complete I don't want to but it for her. Can please let me know. Thank you so much for trying to get good books in Telugu.


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