Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mysuru Trip and some Photos

Mysuru is considered as the cultural hub of Karnata state.And of course,who forgets Mysore sandal soap,Mysore oxen,Mysore bajji,Mysore pack sweet and so on.I happened to be in and around the city recently.So how can't we be idle without clicking some snaps,that too with involving with a photo blog.Sharing things like these make one happier.

The above in the picture is Jagmohan Palace.When we arrived there.There was a public function in full swing with people gathering.And there were many artifacts shops,textile shops and a painting exhibition consists of inside and outside artists of India.Silk is the buzzword about Mysuru.So everywhere we can see silk saree shops along with other garments.

Chamarajendra Zoological park was one that attracts all walks of visitors.Plastic was strictly prohibited.Some voluntary orgs were helping by providing paper bags.Children and elderly people were looking all rejoice in the presence of wild birds and animals.Greenery  was abundant in the park and spacious too.Mysuru people and local bodies were well aware of green atmosphere.It is evident all across the city.

I think these were of ostrich kind.Taking rest at their comfort.

Wild buffaloes were seen in group.

Exotic birds perching on stands in lane.


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