Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Chamundi Hills Temple

Goddess Chamundeswari is the presiding deity at the Chamundi hills and  the temple is 13 k.m. away from Mysore,Karnataka.That day,when we visited the place was  witnessed by  large turn out of   pilgrims.Outside the temple,there were many vendors selling their products.

Demon like statue  here in the picture is called Mahisasura.It looked so  prominent soon after we afoot in the  premises  of the temple.The hill is 3,489 feet above the sea level.With lots of  vehicles over there ,  the place  seemed busy all the days.mysore  kings patronized the temple  in a  great  way.
This is the part of glimpses during the uphill journey.Cool breeze and eye feasting lush green take take us to most happy state.Pilgrims were seemingly from many states.

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  1. Lovely place. Our trip here

  2. Beautiful place ! I read it Chamunda(HP) in first Sight :)

  3. I often think that those temples are "too much" but this white one looks great :)

  4. I thought you said there were pilgrims.

  5. That's an impressive temple and beautiful place.

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