Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Festival time

The biennial festival of Sri Mutyalamma Goddess commenced yesterday in the Dummugudem village of Telangana state.All this fete lasts 9 days with specific pujas each day.This has been in the line of the last several decades,Each day after, having performed required rituals, follows cultural programs like Hari kadha,Burra kadha,Orchestra based songs,Mimicry and so on.Above is the brochure of details of ongoing programs.It also carried donors' details and other day to day  events.All the nine days free meal facility is there for devotees.Will be ended on 21 st of this month.

Jatara or fare is on with vendors arrived from far off places.The people belonged to the place who had gone away on their livelihoods never forget to contribute to this happening, which only comes once for every two years.Festive look adorned all through the days with influx of devotees.This place is almost 30 k.m. away from Bhadrachalam.

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  1. Seems wonderful and meaningful, wishing you lots of fun with it1

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  2. Wonderful post and photo of festival tradition ~ fascinating ~ thanks,

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  3. Festivals are always Fun!

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