Monday, October 22, 2018

Buddha's tooth relic temple in Kandy

Kandy is the most ancient town of Sri Lanka with hundreds of years of glorious past.Buddha's temple built here receives exodus of visitors from many countries.The temple was constructed on the tooth relic of Buddha.One should visit the great monument for the historical and spiritual  importance.The tooth of Buddha reached here from the king of Kalinga in 4 CE.First to the king of Anuradha pura and eventually which came to the royal family of Kandy.It's believed that the tooth relic brings victory to the holder of it.

The temple's architecture reminds us the typical oldest Singhala construction.Timber was used profusely especially inside.In fact,the temple is in the premises of royal palace.So it is spacious in every aspect.A Lake was there and the town built on the uphills.We can witness it from the temple view.There were many other nationals in the visitors.Sri Lanka follows Theravada Buddhism.

Outside the temple,there were several flower stalls selling lotus and other colorful flowers and people were taking them into temple to offer.Coconut were seen but they were in red color.While we were in the temple,morning rituals kept going on.Statues of Buddha,Stupa and other paintings depicting the religious importance could be seen.Dress code is simple.It should be decent worthy of having seen a revered and enlightened one.

Kandy is blessed with scenic beauty.Plenty of greenery,tea plantations and slope houses added much feast to the eyes.Clouds always keep shrouding the hillocks.Waterfalls were aplenty.Hotels offer exciting food in reasonable budget.Some shops selling textiles and others were receiving Indian currency.People were cool.No trace of any civil war that had taken place some years back.


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